0192 Chisel Plough-Stump Jump 5 tine, width 5’9″


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Product Description

0192  Chisel Plough-Stump Jump  – Berends

The stump jump chisel plough is an ideal tool for primary cultivation.

The spring action of the tines and chisel points have been proven to penetrate where many other machines find conditions too hard. Other machines often have a closely bound spring, which means they become coil bound in hard ground and fail to penetrate.

Our more open spring gives a longer, more progressive action, actually chiselling as the machine moves through the ground, This also reduces the horsepower requirement as each tine moving the load at any one point, whereas a rigid tine has no way of doing this.

The machine is inexpensive and when used prior to rotary hoeing, power harrowing or discing there are many benefits.

The subsequent operation is done faster, with less wear on the machine, less wear on the tractor and less diesel used It is a question of the right machine for the job.

In many cases a power harrow will manage primary cultivation but it often does not do it easily as its design function is secondary cultivation. Use of a chisel plough prior more than offsets the cost of an additional operation as it means both machines are working to their optimum, saving time and money

  • Heavy Duty 75x75x6mm Frame
  • Cat 1 & 2 Linkage
  • 65mm Reversible Points as standard
  • Silicone chrome spring steel shanks
  • Available in 5, 7, 9 and 11 tine sizes with tines at 12″ adjustable spacings
  • Horsepower requirement is approximately 8-10 HP per tine
  • Excellent underframe trash clearance of 520mm
  • Adjustable spring is designed to give a longer, more progressive action, actually chiselling as the machine moves through the ground
  • The wheel kit consists of a pair of 14″ Holden wheels, height adjustable, fitted on the outside of the machine (increasing the overall width approx 450mm (18?)
  • Points available 10″x8mm Dart Point
  • Points available 16″x8mm Sweep
  • Depth Wheels (pair Holden)

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