0299 Silage Fork-1250mm Long Tines – Eurohitch Connection


Product Description

 0299  Silage Fork – 1250mm Long Tines – Eurohitch Connection

The silage fork is the same frame as the Round Bale Fork but instead of the welded 50mm K1045 tines.

These types of tines are narrower and more tapered than the 2″ bale fork tines.

This allows them to pierce into a bale more effectively whilst still have a similar lift capacity.

This makes them ideal for use with tighter silage bales.  The tines also have a bit more spring in them which means if they are overloaded they tend to spring back into place.

Being a bolt in tine makes them much easier to replace should one get damaged

  • Features
  • They are fitted with welded Conus II sleeves and bolt on Conus II silage tines.
  • It is fitted with Cat 1 pins and Cat 2 bushes
  • Weight approximately 110kg

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